Ransäter Nordic 31/7, Judge Svante Frisk
Oh Heavens Double Trouble BOB with NORDIC CAC !! 

Swedish Lowchen Speciality 30/7, judge Gini Denninger USA(Ashford lowchen)
Oh Heavens Rock N Roll Rebel BIS Puppy 4, Oh Heavens Double Trouble 2 in 4-8y
Oh Heavens Edward Scissorhand 3/10 in 2-4y, Lowenhart Wallstreet Wolf not placed 2-4y & Oh Heavens Secret Window not placed 2-4y (biggest class of the day)

Västerås Int, judge Vytautas Baranauskas
SeJw-18 NoJw-18 SeJw-19 SeW-19 NordW-21 DkW-21 NoW-22 SEUCH NOUCH DKUCH NORDICUCH
Oh Heavens Double Trouble BOB with CACIB! Congratulations Anna !!


Stoxa Ladies show, judge Birgitta Svarstad
NordJw-21 DkJw-21 Oh Heavens Secret Window BOS with CAC, new SEUCH & Nordic cac !!

Alfta Nat, judge Alexandra Palumbo
Oh Heavens Edward Scissorhands EXC/1 ck BM-2 with R-CAC! Congratulations Marie !!

3 x Sandefjord

Friday Int, judge: Linda Volarikova
Oh Heavens Double Trouble BM-2 CACIB, Lowenhart Wallstreet Wolf EX/3 & Oh Heavens Secret Window EX/2 ck

Saturday Nordic & Norweigian Winner, judge: Dragan Babic
Oh Heavens Double Trouble BM-1 Nordic Cac, Nordic ch NoW-22 & BOB!!!! Lowenhart Wallstreet Wolf EX/2 ck BM-4 R-Cac, Oh Heavens Secret Window EX/1 ck

Sunday Int, judge: Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen
Lowenhart Wallstreet Wolf EX/3, Oh Heavens Secret Window EX/2 ck BB-4 R-Cac

Hudiksvall 6/6
Oh Heavens Rock N Roll Rebel debuted in puppy winning BOB pup and later BIS-4 !!
Congratulations Anna!!!

Norrköping 5/6
Oh Heavens Edward Scissorhands BM-3!! Congratulations Marie 

SDHK, Skara
Judge Lisa Molin
Oh Heavens Sleepy Hollow BM-3 R-CAC, Oh Heavens Double Trouble BM-2,
Oh Heavens Secret Window BB-2 R-CAC

SKK, Skara
Judge: Annika Ulltwei-Moe
Oh Heavens Sleepy Hollow  VG, Oh Heavens Double Trouble BM-1  NORD CAC BOB
Oh Heavens Secret Window BB-1 NORDIC CAC, CAC and BOS 

Judge: Jahn Stääv
Oh Heavens Edward Scissorhand BM-3 with R-cac! Congratulations Marie
Oh Heavens Secret Window BB-3 !


We got puppies !! 1 male 1 female born 12/12
Twiggy got two beautiful puppies ! Proud father is lovely Wanted The Commander
Thank U Marina for letting me use Scoop ! 



Danish Winner Show 14/11
Judge Marianne Holmli
SeJw-18 NoJw-18 SeJw-19 SeW-19 NordW-21 Seuch Nouch Dkuch Oh Heavens Double Trouble BM-1 DkW-21 CACIB and BOB !!! Congratulation Anna !!! 
Seuch Lowenhart Wallstreet Wolf BM-2 CAC new DKUCH & R-CACIB !!!

NordJw-21 Oh Heavens Secret Window DkJw-21 JunCAC & BB-4 with R-CAC

Nordic Winner Show in Herning DK 13/11

Judge Joyce O'Connor
SeJw-18 NoJw-18 SeJw-19 SeW-19 Seuch Nouch Oh Heavens Double Trouble BM-1 NordW-21 CAC, NCAC, new DKUCH & BOB!! Congratulations Anna 
Seuch Lowenhart Wallstreet Wolf BM-2 R-CAC & R-NCAC!!
Oh Heavens Secret Window NordJw-21 JunCAC BB-4 with R-CAC!!


USCH Oh Heavens Dark Shadow 1st Award of Merit at the 2021 Lowchen Club of America National Specialty !! Congratulations Alexia!! 


OMG !!! We have our first American Champion !!! 
Oh Heavens Dark Shadows gained his last point to be USCH !!! Huge congratulaions to
Alexia and thank you for making this possible !! 

Today Charlie, Oh Heavens Edward Scissorhands patella 0/0 and eyes clear !!
Congratulations Marie !!!

SDHK, Timrå

Judges: Breed Svein Helgesen, BIS/BISBOS Annika Ulltwei Moe
Wow what a day !!!
Oh Heavens Sleepy Hollow BM-2 CAC BOB-junior !!! Oh Heavens Double Trouble BM-1 BOB and BIS-3!!! Congratulations Anna!!!! Lowenhart Wallstreet Wolf BM-3 !! Oh Heavens Secret Window BB-1 CAC BOS-junior BOS and BIS BOS-2!!!!